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Money Gram

The MoneyGram brand is recognized throughout the world as a leading global payment services company. The diverse array of products and services we offer enables consumer and businesses to make payments and transfer money around the world. From New York to Russia or London to India - in more than 192 countries - MoneyGram's money transfer service moves money quickly and easily around the world.

Our payment services also help businesses operate more efficiently and cost effectively. We offer our products and services to consumers and businesses through a worldwide network of agents and financial institution customers.


Reference Number:- 8 digit number

Giving you real convenience and flexibility. So with MoneyGram you’re never far away from a fast and easy money transfer.


Low fees on money transfers

  • Send from USD 500 to USD 1,000 from the US to India for a fee of just USD 12†
  • Send from CAD 500 to CAD 1,000 from Canada to India for a fee of just CAD 12†
  • Send money from UAE to India for a fee of just AED 16†
  • Send up to £100 from the UK to India for a fee of just £4.99†


MoneyGram offers two service levels:

Same Day Service: using your Credit or Debit card, funds will typically arrive in minutes Economy Service: using your Bank Account, funds will typically arrive in three business days